Austin Woman Feeds 65 Refugees For Christmas


For the second Christmas in a row, Caroline Estes hosted refugees for Christmas dinner. Last year, she raised $850 and was able to host 40 people. This year, she wanted to double that. She created a [FreeFunder campaign]( with a goal of $1,400 and ended up raising $2,000 for the event.

This was enough to host 65 refugees and 40 volunteers for Christmas dinner, providing them with food as well as small stocking gifts and gift cards. 

The event was held at Sam’s Town Point, and hosted people from Central America, Africa, and other countries in coordination with [Casa Marianella](

Next year, Caroline wants to grow the event even more. “Next year 100 refugees and 100 gift cards. I so hated disappointing the last 15 folks when I ran out,” she posted on the event’s [Facebook page](


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