Bar Employees Spend a Month Taking Down Dollar Bill Decor to Collect $15,000 for Hurricane Dorian Relief


>It has always been a tradition for customers at the Siesta Oyster Bar to contribute to the restaurant’s decor by attaching dollar bills to the wall.
>However, the staffers have been working tirelessly over the course of the last month to remove the makeshift wallpaper so they can donate it all to hurricane relief in the Bahamas.
>Since Hurricane Dorian blew through the islands last month, the staffers have collectively taken down over $15,000 in dollar bills.
>It’s apparently taken a lot of hard work to gently remove all of the “hardcore staples” from the wall without hurting the money, but the employees say that they have successfully removed about 90% of the bills.
>Not only that, general manager Kristin Hale told that other customers have been inspired to make additional donations of their own.
>“They come in and see what we’re going and give us a $20 bill … or a $10 or a $5,” she [told the news outlet.](
>The bar also helped to raise another $10,000 by holding a collaborative fundraiser with some of the other local businesses in Siesta Key Village earlier this month.

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