So proud of my city right now


Right now my heart is swelling with pride. As you probably can guess for my username I’m from Flint, known throughout the country as one of the most violent cities in the nation but yesterday the police joined with protesters in and marched with them.

If in one of the most violent cities in the nation the police and the protesters can come together to peacefully protest for justice for George Floyd and the other victims of police brutality then it can be done.

Don’t misunderstand I 100% believe that these people are justified in their anger it seems like you can’t go more than two months anymore without seeing a black person killed by the police or killed by some insane racist so the anger that they have is understandable. I’m just saying that this proves that police do not have to become violent with them and they can join with them and say you are right this needs to change.

Now I am not black but I do live in a majority-black city and I have never heard any stories from any of my friends or acquaintances who are black who say that they were mistreated by the police because of their race by the Flint police. Some of the suburbs do you a tendency to pull black people over. But even then I’ve never heard stories extremis treatment and in the jail they are violent with every guy


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