Top 3 things that make me optimistic about systemic change


Hi! I’m writing about all the damage that corporations do in the world – it’s been a lot to handle so I wanted to spotlight all the POSITIVE stuff that’s happening, especially through millennials and Gen-Z! Woohoo!

1. **Energy -** Zillennials ages 18-38 are all about that alternative energy – 78% of us believe that it should be a priority over fossil fuel production. [(Pew Research)](

2. **Fashion -** The millennial and Gen Z adoption of secondhand clothing is 2.5x that of previous generations AND resale is expected to outpace fast fashion by 1.5x before 2030! Our demand is driving companies like ThredUp and Reformation. [(Our November Changeletter)](

3. **Purpose over profit -** 68% of millennials want to make a positive difference in the world, and many believe their employers’ values should match their own. You know what this means – we’re truly #influencing corporations to put purpose at par with profit. [(Forbes)](


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